March 27, 2010

Seminars, Workshops & Conferences - GlobalPro Consulting

Seminars, Workshops & Conferences - GlobalPro Consulting
GlobalPro Consulting was established to promote excellence, quality and integrity among global professionals. GlobalPro is keen to contribute towards the establishment of a stream of knowledgable, well-trained and ethical corporate professionals whom will strive to benchmark themselves against the best in the world.

We believe that continuous training, retraining, skills upgrading and development of the workforce are important processes to provide employers with a competitive edge in the ever competitive market and knowledge-based economy.

We are committed to continuously strive to provide world-class consulting and first-class training to our valued clients worldwide.

We are focusing on the areas of Islamic finance, business and management.

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15-16 December 2009 Seminar on Islamic Wealth Management and Financial Planning
19-20 January 2010 Seminar on Product Development & Marketing for Islamic Financial Services
9-10 February 2010 Workshop on Islamic Structured Products: Sukuk and others
23-24 February 2010 Workshop on Risk Management for Islamic Banks
8-9 March 2010 Conference on Doing Business In China: Exploring the World's Biggest Market
13-14 April 2010 The Third Global Islamic Finance Conference (GIFC2010)

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